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With over 1 million hotel and vacation savings deals, and many more discounts, people easily save much more money than their tiny donation! 

We save over $1,000 per vacation and hundreds on hotels every year. And since it raises money for great causes, we love this program!"  ~ Shawn P.

Fun Travel Fundraiser!

The World's Best Hotel & Vacation Discount Membership. Finally, a fundraiser that gives back and provides great fun!

Your Patrons will save up to 75% on Hotels compared directly with:,,, Kayaak, Trivago and all other public travel search engines.

They will also enjoy savings of $1,000 or more on over 40,000 Condo Vacations worldwide, plus many other great discounts.

It's something they will want and re-order, year after year!

This is an actual example of real savings compared to public search engines. Discounts change daily.

A+ Rating, Over 4 Million Sold!

Hotels Etc. was established in 1996, and has helped members save over 560 Million dollars in travel.

*  23 Years in business
*  A+ Rating with BBB
*  Over 1 Million Hotel Discounts
*  Over 40,000 Condo Vacation Discounts
*  142 Countries
*  Over 4 Million Memberships Sold
*  Highest Single Fundraising Result: $250,000.00

Your Ultimate Fundraiser!

*  100% FREE  to get started
*   High value, highly desired product
*   Puts more money back in the patron's pocket
*   Provides revenues year after year
*   Engages parents because of the product type and prizes
*   Better than candy, coupon books, magazines etc.
*   More revenues for your organization
*   Simple and easy product delivery by email
*   You receive the money first, then order your codes
*   Promotes family unity, co-operation and time together
*   Happy patrons because they save a lot of money

Great for Schools, Churches, Sports Teams, Hospitals, Non-Profits, 501-C3's and for profit businesses.

Yes, Revenues Year After Year!

*  The same members will be happy to re-order every year
*  Your organization will keep 50% of all revenues
*  Automatic re-order option available
*  They pay 1/2 price for the Membership only through Fundraising
*  Only $50 per year for Unlimited Access and Savings
*  Average family saves $200 to $1,500 per year with Membership
*  Once they use it one time, they will want to re-order every year

Hotel Savings: 1 Million Rooms up to 75% OFF!

How can we offer such amazing savings?

Online booking engines you may be familiar with can only offer "public" rates for hotel rooms. Because we have over 1 Billion in inventory monthly and only show our amazing deals inside a members area, we are able to pass on wholesale prices.

Actual discounts compared at one point in time. Rates vary daily. We can only show real time rates in our protected members area.

40,000 Condo Deals up to 90% OFF public prices!

*  Save an average of $1,000 per week vacation
*  Book as many vacations as you like
*  No black-out dates
*  No Timeshare presentations required
*  Like owning a $20,000 Timeshare without paying for it
*  Condos in the most popular destinations in the world
*  Vacations as low as $156/week. (Retail $1,000)

Prize Dream Vacations!

5-Star Luxury Dream Vacation Prizes: Offer the top families who produce a 5-Star Luxury Dream Vacation valued at $2,500.

By offering prizes like these, you can get more engagement!

Watch the short video to see our amazing prizes.

Enjoy many Great Discounts!

* Wholesale Cruises
* Car Rentals
* Vacation Homes
* Travel Flight Packages
*  Movie Tickets
*  Events
*  Theme Parks
*  Activities
*  Dining
*  Shopping
*  Groceries

Members enjoy many great discounts up to 50% OFF on a variety of things, making it easy to save money.

Example Fundraiser:
$23,000 per year Revenues for a School!

Follow the simple example below to see how it works.

Example of how a School can generate $23,000 per year.

1.  A school with 2,000 students launch the fundraiser for sports teams, library, clubs etc.

2. Five percent of the students and/or parents sell just 10 Memberships each.

3. For Fundraisers only, the Annual Memberships can be sold at 50% OFF.

4. 100 Students X 10 donors each = ($50 x 1,000 = $50,000) revenues.

5. Your Organization receives the funds first. There's nothing to pay out of pocket.

6. You use $1,000 to $2,000 for prizes including a 5-Star Vacation and other great prizes.

7. Your Organization remits 50% for the Annual Memberships by check, wire or money order.

8. We email you the codes for the Annual Memberships. Then you just email them to your donors.

9. The donors can immediately register and start using all of our discounts to save money.

10. Because the donors easily save more than $50  (for example they can save $100 per night in a hotel or save $1,000 or more on a vacation), they will be happy to donate to your organization year after year!

This profitable fundraiser can produce thousands of dollars in revenues for your organization, year after year.

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...

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We set up a phone meeting to speak with you and answer all of your questions!

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We provide you with your own Fundraising Website for Free and help you get started!

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*  No Money out of pocket to start
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*  Unlimited Free Support
*  Valuable, desirable Product
*  Re-Orders year after year

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Start Your Fundraiser Fast and for Free!

Want a better fundraiser for your Organization? 
This is the most fun, lucrative and exciting Fundraiser available today... powered by Hotels Etc.

Your Patrons will Save Up To 75% on Hotels & Vacations!

Speak to an authorized agent to receive this incredible offer.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any up-front cost to get started?

There is no up-front cost. We will provide you with your Organization's website for your Fundraiser like this: Your website will explain the value to your patrons.

How much of the sale does our Organization Keep?

You keep 50% of all Revenues. Through your Fundraiser, your donors will order their 1 year, Unlimited Savings Membership for 1/2 price. The Membership is normally $199 per year, but through your Fundraiser, they will be able to get their Membership for only $50 per year! You will then remit $25 for each sale to Hotels Etc and we will send your Activation Codes to you by email! It's just that easy.

How do you receive the funds?

You can receive the funds in any way you prefer. Popular options include:

* Credit / Debit Card
* PayPal
* Cash
* Check

How is the product delivered to our donors /patrons?

Once your Fundraiser is completed, we will email you the file of Activation Codes for the Annual Memberships. Simply email them to your patrons. They will be able to immediately activate their membership and start saving up to 75% on hotel and vacation bookings, plus they will receive many more great money saving discounts.

What marketing materials will you use to receive the donations?

We will create a marketing website for your organization. Just show your website to your patrons to see the offer and order. We will also supply you with print materials which you can choose to print and hand out.

What is the process to run the Fundraiser?

1. Fill out the form to make sure your organization qualifies.
2. We have a brief meeting to get you set up.
3. Run the fundraiser.
4. Receive the funds.
5. You order the Membership Codes.
6. We send you the codes by email.
7. You deliver the codes to your donors by email.
8. You provide the prizes you choose to your donors.

How do the Hotel and Condo Discounts Work?

We contract group rates for over 1 Million hotel rooms and over 40,000 Condo Vacation rooms each month. We pass all the savings on to your donors, so they get wholesale pricing on their bookings. Our travel engine shows real -time comparisons between our non-published group rates and the public prices of the most well-known travel search engines.

How are the prizes redeemed?

All prizes provided by us can be redeemed easily online with any Internet connection.

How can we use this to raise funds year after year?

When we set up your Fundraiser, we can set up a recurring annual donation from your patrons /donors, or you can repeat the same fundraiser year after year. Because the patrons will be able to save hundreds or thousands a year, they will be happy to donate to your cause every year. That means recurring revenues for you!

What support will we have?

Your agent is . Please contact them for assistance in getting started. Your Agent will set up a conference where we will answer all your questions and help you launch your fundraiser.

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